Library: To enable students to do persona! Study, the. college has built up an adequate library. The library is housed in the main building with sufficient books, journals and periodicals, The library is also provided  with a Xerox machine.

Laboratories & Workshops: The Polytechnic is provided, With well equipped laboratories, Workshops and Machine shops. It is also provided with a Computer Centre with up-to-date computing facilities.

Hostel: The Polytechnic provides hostel facilities for Outstation students. A staff warden is present to look after the welfare of the students. The hostel is governed by the rules and regulations framed by the management.

Canteen: A canteen is provided in the campus to cater the needs of students and staff. The food is provided at reasonable rates.

Other facilities: The Polytechnic has a spacious play¬ground and facilities for various sports activities are available. Pay phone facility has also been provided.

Students Welfare: The Students welfare officer looks after the general welfare of the students. In addition, several members of the staff offer persona! counselling and guidance, Staff guides are appointed to help the students in solving their personal, academic and other problems.

Extra Curricular Activities: There are numerous extra Curricular activities in the polytechnic, for healthy recreation. Facilities for various sports and games are available to promote physical fitness, recreation and team spirit. Cultural week is celebrated every year.

Scholarships: The central and state Governments offer scholarships to deserving students, Information Regarding scholarships are put up in the notice board from time to time, These scholarships are given to those students who have regular attendance, good conduct and satisfactory progress.

Parent – Teacher co-operation: Parents play a decisive role in the development of students in their formative years. Therefore the polytechnic expects whole hearted co-operation from parents.  Parents are advised personally to meet the Principal, Correspondent, Vice Principal, Students welfare officer and other members of the staff, especially when unsatisfactory attendance or progress of their wards is brought to their notice.